“Holding a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Australia as well as a French engineering degree from HEI Lille, I have joined the company in March 2017.

I acquired my first professional experience on a prominent rolling stock project: the THALYS rail service.
INGEVA’s strength lies in the vitality and flexibility of its young and motivated staff and in how receptive it is to its consultants’ needs.

Working with INGEVA has allowed me to carry out multiple projects and to acquire the additional skills and experience necessary to face any challenge.”

Simon, Mechanical Design Engineer

“Holding an engineering degree from the ESTP, I joined the company in July 2016 on a project-by-project basis. Ingeva quickly proved itself to be reliable and trustworthy and its staff showed complete confidence in me and my abilities as it assisted me in landing my first project and acquiring experience in the railway industry.

Currently working at the General Studies (EG) division of the SNCF Center for Studies – North-Paris (PE NP), I am in charge of outsourcing the management of railway-related projects and their various stages of development (DI, DCE, permits, inspections…) in a variety of areas (railway, rail gauges, earthworks, sanitation, or even the environment.)
I am able to manage, with a complete autonomy, various projects of renovation and development and have been given the additional tasks of creating RFQs, organizing consulting services, interfacing with consulting firms as well as with the Rail Network Engineering Division of Amiens and setting up various meetings.

I work alongside several internal, (center for studies, general engineering, project management, construction), and external; (private consulting firms), partners and serve as a link between the contractors and the project coordinators and managers to best ensure that the project stays under costs and is completed on time as well as to provide quality control during the stages of development.

The PE NP provided an ideal professional environment for me to expend my skill set in a variety of fields such as project management, railway, civil engineering, earthworks, hydraulics and the environment.
Following the recent implementation of a division for the outsourcing of the EG group to PE NP, I was also able to contribute to the dialog regarding the protocols and means of said outsourcing.

My work and the corporate meetings organized by INGEVA have allowed me to expand my professional network and contemplate a variety of career plans.”

Thibaut, Project Study Coordinator

“I joined the company in July 2015 and started out as a junior engineer on RATP projects. I was shown complete confidence and given the reins of a project involving the development of computer softwares for EDF SOCODEI during which I performed the tasks of a developer and of a project owner while ensuring that the needs of the client were met.

Following this experience, I have been working as an engineer on the SNCF PIaxe project, (involving the industrialization of the rail lines), for over a year.
My main responsibility is to manage the RFN (French Rail Network)’s long term maintenance portfolios, (A+5.)
Agap2’s reliability and entrepreneurial drive has helped us build a close working relationship with the SNCF and become its foremost partner and source of innovation through our involvement in the PIaxe investment plan.

I can honestly say that my experience within this company has been very fulfilling, in part because of the projects I have been entrusted with and because of the confidence placed in me by the managers but also because of how dynamic the company is and how much it promotes a sense of initiative amongst its employees.
I joined Ingeva after working at several other consulting firms and Ingeva stands out for its warm and welcoming environment.”

Grégoire, PIaxe project engineer

“I joined the company in March 2016 in a consulting capacity and I am currently working at the Center for Studies -North Paris (Groupe Plans Techniques) as an administrative assistant. As such, my duties include: issuing reprographics to various recipients, usually in the form of work orders (blueprints, guides, signaling schematics etc…), as well as ordering office supplies from suppliers.

I am also in charge of updating both the frames of reference and the regulation logs, (pink and green logs.) Overtime I took on more responsibilities, like the supervision of layer orders and the shipment of heavy documents via a data exchange gateway. Finally, I was given the opportunity to organize social and professional gatherings on various subjects.

Those assignments were all very fulfilling and I hope to take on even more challenges in the future. Ingeva is the kind of company that looks after its employees and I am thankful for the unwavering confidence it has placed in me throughout this journey.”

Sandra, administrative assistant

“Having graduated from the ESTP, I joined the company in November 2014 after a first work experience in an engineering consulting firm.

I have been able, thanks to the help of INGEVA managers, to work on a variety of technical projects, (involving road, railway and infrastructure alike) which allowed me to expand my expertise and broaden my technical skills.

INGEVAis a vibrant company, in touch with its employees and whose total confidence in its consultants insures the success of their professional goals and aspirations.”

Othman, Civil Engineer

” Having graduated from the Paris Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées, I joined the company in November 2013. Interested in infrastructures (road and railway), I have an established career plan and with the help of the various INGEVA managers, I am able to work on engaging projects that match my career goals perfectly. I have been given the opportunity to work on a sports stadium (complex structures), as well as on projects involving the design and construction of road and railway bridges, working alongside partners such as EGIS, SNCF, SPIE, etc…

My impression of INGEVA is of a company that values self-confidence and teamwork. Being a relatively new company, it has remained very active and unafraid of taking on new challenges, offering support to its employees every step of the way.”

Zinsou, Structural Engineer