Rolling stock specialist

The European railway industry has been committed to the reconfiguration and improvement of its rolling stock for over twenty years. Such technological developments will have an impact on the employment and level of skills expected from the industry’s major players.

The goals include :

  • reducing the costs associated with this industry
  • reducing our carbon footprint, a vital measure in keeping with the current ecological concerns
  • improving the quality of costumer service, (reliability, punctuality, communication, passenger comfort…)
  • implementing the technological shift needed to incorporate new digital and communication systems
  • improving the safety, reliability and efficiency of equipment maintenance

In order to meet those goals, INGEVA makes its engineering expertise in design, maintenance and project management available as well as its knowledge of manufacturing and method engineering.

Our services


  • Electromechanics
  • Mechanics
  • Electric
  • Safety and dependability
  • Hydropneumatic

Project management

  • Method
  • Maintenance
  • Steady improvement
  • Equipment installation
  • Project monitoring
  • Renovation and maintenance

How we operate

Fixed-price projects

Construction of a turnkey project based on scope statements.

Technical assistance

Time-spent invoices.

Our references