“Holding an engineering degree from the ESTP, I joined the company in July 2016 on a project-by-project basis. Ingeva quickly proved itself to be reliable and trustworthy and its staff showed complete confidence in me and my abilities as it assisted me in landing my first project and acquiring experience in the railway industry.

Currently working at the General Studies (EG) division of the SNCF Center for Studies – North-Paris (PE NP), I am in charge of outsourcing the management of railway-related projects and their various stages of development (DI, DCE, permits, inspections…) in a variety of areas (railway, rail gauges, earthworks, sanitation, or even the environment.)
I am able to manage, with a complete autonomy, various projects of renovation and development and have been given the additional tasks of creating RFQs, organizing consulting services, interfacing with consulting firms as well as with the Rail Network Engineering Division of Amiens and setting up various meetings.

I work alongside several internal, (center for studies, general engineering, project management, construction), and external; (private consulting firms), partners and serve as a link between the contractors and the project coordinators and managers to best ensure that the project stays under costs and is completed on time as well as to provide quality control during the stages of development.

The PE NP provided an ideal professional environment for me to expend my skill set in a variety of fields such as project management, railway, civil engineering, earthworks, hydraulics and the environment.
Following the recent implementation of a division for the outsourcing of the EG group to PE NP, I was also able to contribute to the dialog regarding the protocols and means of said outsourcing.

My work and the corporate meetings organized by INGEVA have allowed me to expand my professional network and contemplate a variety of career plans.”