“I joined the company in July 2015 and started out as a junior engineer on RATP projects. I was shown complete confidence and given the reins of a project involving the development of computer softwares for EDF SOCODEI during which I performed the tasks of a developer and of a project owner while ensuring that the needs of the client were met.

Following this experience, I have been working as an engineer on the SNCF PIaxe project, (involving the industrialization of the rail lines), for over a year.
My main responsibility is to manage the RFN (French Rail Network)’s long term maintenance portfolios, (A+5.)
Agap2’s reliability and entrepreneurial drive has helped us build a close working relationship with the SNCF and become its foremost partner and source of innovation through our involvement in the PIaxe investment plan.

I can honestly say that my experience within this company has been very fulfilling, in part because of the projects I have been entrusted with and because of the confidence placed in me by the managers but also because of how dynamic the company is and how much it promotes a sense of initiative amongst its employees.
I joined Ingeva after working at several other consulting firms and Ingeva stands out for its warm and welcoming environment.”