Human Resources and Communication Manager


Who is Bérénice? Warm, whimsical and well-informed, Bérénice swears by those three Ws.
Originally from Picardy, she embraced the Parisian life wholeheartedly and spends her time organizing and participating in local events and get-togethers.
Believing that happiness must be shared to be fully enjoyed, whether face-to-face or on social media, she has vowed to make communication her full-time job. To Bérénice, “human resources”, (or RH in French) might as well stand for “Rendering others Happy”, something she’s lived by ever since she started working at INGEVA.


Likes: trips to the country and Big Macs.


Dislikes:  sushis.


Her spirit animal: none, she does not like animals.


Her favorite quote: “What’s up?”